Radio and TV Jokes

Parson and Naylor Pull Out Section Jokes

Police are hunting a driver who with a grudge against speed cameras. So far they have narrowed it down to 20 million motorists.

England cricketers have received a welcome boost before the next test in Australia. The Met office is forecasting a lot of rain.

Tony Blair has warned the country to be prepared for an impossible outrage in the run up to Christmas. He's obviously been tipped off about what the xmas number one is going to be.

The Iraqi government has rejected a UN arms resolution by a show of hands. The vote has now been overturned by a show of stumps.

Rory Bremner  Show Jokes

An 87 year old woman who has admitted spying for the Russian's has been spared prison. The home secretary said having to live for 20 years on a state pension should be punishment enough.

Most children think that Tony Blair is God.  Sadly he does to.

11'O Clock Show Jokes

Salman Rushdie says is new partner is more than just a girlfriend

She's also a human shield.

The shipyard that built the Titanic is facing closure.

Unions believe the closure could just be the tip of the iceberg.

Vanessa Feltz has been offered two nude centre page spreads.

It won’t be the first time she has had a staple through her stomach.

The author of the Joy of Sex has died a very happy man.

His funeral has been delayed while undertakers try to get the lid down on his coffin.

A committee of Amnesty International has criticised the Saudia Arabia's appalling human rights record

They reached their decision after a show of stumps.

Jenson Button has been voted one of Britain's most eligible bachelors.

Women like him because he always has a spare set of rubbers and never comes first,


News Huddline  Jokes

A woman wrecked her ex-boyfriends wedding by pouring manure over the bride. The dress was ruined but her bouquet has come up a treat.

Week Ending

A man who dodged paying car tax by sticking a label from a tin of beans on his windscreen has asked if he can pay off his fine using HP.

An attempt to get in Guinness book of records by feeding 15,000 people with 7 tons of baked beans on a three mile long table on a bridge in Lisbon has been disallowed because of the following wind.

Officials putting together a financial package aimed at rescuing the Halle Orchestra from Bankruptcy have admitted the proposals require some fine tuning.

A man who gave up smoking by eating 20 carrots a day says he now feels bright eyed and bush tailed.